Visit of Columbia Journalism School from Ravish Kumar’s eyes

In 1912, Joseph Pulitzer was setting up the Columbia School of Journalism here in New York while we were outlining our freedom struggle. It is a happy coincidence that in 1913, Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi was setting up Pratap in Kanpur. So do not be sad, but this institute is known all over the world for studying journalism. Through Mohammed Ali, Shiladitya and Simran, we saw this best institution in the world. There are also Indian students here and if you try a little, the doors can open for you too. Do not take any kind of fear, but look better and work hard.

So first of all we enter its hall where every student who came to study since 1913 has names. Madhu Trehan and Barkha Dutt have studied here. Many more Indian students have their names. The statue of Pulitzer and his famous statement that should be read in every round (Pulitzer’s original statement is in English, which is in the picture. Here is a subdued translation in Hindi.) For you we also put the picture of the Pulitzer Prize medal is.

“The rise and fall of our republic and its media are interwoven,” writes Pulitzer. “A competent, neutral, media dedicated to the public interest, the wisdom to know the truth, and the courage to do so can preserve public purity, without which a popular government is nothing more than pretense and gimmick. A press like a selfish, selfish and superhuman will build a consignment of people like himself over time. The power to give direction to the future of the Republic will be in the hands of generations of journalists who are ready in future. ”

Barring two to three good teachers of journalism in India, no institution has any seriousness as an institution. The question here is about the continuity of institution, resources and heritage. Do not be overly emotional on my words. Here I saw how many diverse subjects related to journalism are being taught. You can see the poster of resistance journalism here. Institute is also here on journalism of early childhood.

Mental Torture On The Cards

Many journalists get mental torture while reporting in violence-prone areas. They are called here by giving scholarships. They are also given psychological treatment. Here is the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma. There are separate centers for investigative journalism. Journalists or academics from different parts of the world are professors here. Raju Narisetti of India is a professor here. Raju established the Mint newspaper.

Why did you say this? So told that our institute has been cowshed, where there are cows of the same breed. There is neither diversity in teachers nor students. And you can understand what will be the diversity of subjects. Students of IIMC can start a separate course of resistance journalism here. If this cannot happen, then Modi can start a course like journalism of praise. It is also a mode and there are many jobs in it. But first write an essay on what Joseph Pulitzer has said about democracy and journalism, how it is wrong. Then see if his words are correct? There are times when people start to take pride in waste. That period should also be celebrated so that there is no feeling of merger. By the way, India is a world guru.

After this Ali showed us some classrooms. Apple’s giant computers are installed. Class room chairs are good. The seminar hall is also good. Looked up and found that there are good resources for broadcastcast journalism. We met Wajid working here in Washington. Wajid is from Pakistan. He told that the way I use dock media in India, the same way Mochi media is used in Pakistan. That means journalists or journalists who polish the shoes of the government.

It is recommended that you look through all the pictures carefully. Learn and see the dream of coming here. Excellent students come in Hindi journalism. They should understand that journalism is also enriched by studies and training. The poor institutions of India have killed this curiosity within them but still. I have written this post for them so that they can depart towards the new destination. Right now your destination is of Hindu Muslim debate. Hail to annihilate.


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