The Chief Servant should also be declared the Principal Historian of India

Rabindranath Tagore visited America five times in his life. For this, long voyages were carried out by steam engines. Gave a speech on the ‘Cult’ of Nationalism. In the same order reached New Haven on 6 December 1916 where Yale University is located. You will see a picture of a building with this post. Its name is Taft Apartment. Then it was the hotel where Tagore stayed. Indian students were very excited to welcome him there. I wish there was a book on these students that would explain why he left Oxford at that time and went to Yale? Who were to come and return to India and do what?

Well … Tagore was welcomed by Sanskrit scholar Prof. Hopkins at that time. In the news bulletin, Rabindranath Tagore is addressed as Sir. Tagore recited poetry here. Yes, it was telling that this Taft building is still there. It has been converted into a place of accommodation instead of a hotel.

Submitting information related to Tagore also revealed that before Swami Vivekananda (1893), PC Mazumdar (1883) of Brahma Samaj came to America. Then PC Majumdar gave a roaming speech here. In 1893, PC Majumdar and Vivekananda came together. A bulletin shows that PC Majumdar also gave a speech with Swami Vivekananda in the Dharmasansad of Chicago. Which is less known in public. Speeches of both can be studied. It must have happened But if I know some material, I will definitely read.

Someone should also tell this to the Prime Minister. These days, he is working to remember and honor heroes. It will happen that on the same excuse they will get an excuse to give another program and speech. There will be an opportunity to say how one family or one family was not respected for the heroes of history.

The Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, on which dozens of books were written, made songs (listening to the song of Upkar), printed crores of calendars, which essentially had a picture of Netaji and there is a statue of him at many intersections, street names, Netaji Nagar It is, crores of children of the country become Netaji in the fancy dress party, the Prime Minister can only say about that Netaji that he has been forgotten. They were forgotten.

There is only one pattern of remembering the Prime Minister. Looking at it, it would seem that one single Nehru left all the heroes of India’s independence. So many heroes got away from Nehru. Nehru was imprisoned for many years in the fight for independence. Made trips. But it seems from the speeches of the Prime Minister that Nehru was not fighting the British rule, but fighting the whereabouts of those great men. They will not even speak two lines on the friendship between Netaji and Nehru, two lines on the intimate relationship between Patel and Nehru, but the tone of every speech will be as if Nehru did not work with everyone but did injustice to them.

That is why the Prime Minister is forgetting to answer today’s burning questions because he is busy remembering the names, birthdays and two or four deeds of heroes these days. In my opinion, they should write a book that sells from the bus station to the airport. The name of this book should be Modi-Manohar Pothi.

For the Prime Minister even today, history is just a matter of remembrance. The topic of rote killing. No prime minister in history has superficialized history as much as our prime minister did. I call it whatsappization of history besides superficialization. There is not much difference between the content of Modi’s speech on these occasions and the content that happens on the birthday of a hero in a WhatsApp meme. Modi should be declared the Principal Servant as well as the Principal Historian of India. He will be the first Prime Minister of the world to get this position.


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