Sir, will you ever think how much time you have wasted

95 minute interview. Prime Minister’s interview. The interview on the first day of the new year, and the age of the interview on the television screen was just two hours, then it could not become news even by replacing the four columns on the page of the newspaper. So is it a question mark on the interviewee’s journalistic ability or is it a hollowness of the Prime Minister’s understanding or thinking to explain. There, the question should be from anyone, but the desire to show your success with the answer to every question is such that the mind is not contained in every mind.

When the situation is being told in such a way as a Prime Minister, as if the scope of the listeners is not able to understand the success of the Prime Minister because there is no one to explain it. And in the end, the Prime Minister himself had to decide that his heart’s restlessness, untold stories of his success, his popular flight, he should reinvigorate the slope of time. So no one will be blamed but the majority of the citizens of the country who want to see themselves succeeding by staring at the person sitting on the post of Prime Minister.

The Interview

The Prime Minister has not failed to repeatedly declare himself successful as a successful country. Therefore, there should not be any debate that the person interviewed was weak, scared, devotional. Why was the country too soft to understand the crisis?

Rahul Gandhi’s comment on the interviewee and then the Editor’s Guild’s statement on Rahul Gandhi’s comment, and then the distribution of journalists. To answer the question regarding the old commentary. All these situations draw a very clear line that the country has become Modi. That is, there are no institutions left in the country. Scholars have become disenchanted. Education or research has become meaningless. The whole meaning of democracy has been reduced to the race for political power.

Today, the one who makes the most fuss from public forums will be the most effective. That is why the Prime Minister spinning the spinning wheel would consider himself Mahatma Gandhi. Under the statue of Sardar Patel, standing in the thoughts of contemplation, will see Nehru’s image in himself. By teasing Nehru with the word ‘family’, he will call himself the greatest watchman of democracy. And it will also be successful in holding discussions across the country that Mahatma Gandhi was against the Congress. Patel-Nehru had a figure of thirty-six. Ambedkar and Gandhi’s view was recognized by the Sangh.

Note that the fear of the opposition is that the people should not accept this as true, whatever wrong text is being repeated repeatedly through the government, regarding the question of the past and the identity of Hindustan of the past. That is, the future generations, on whose comb Hindustan is to be rooted, which lesson to read, which text to read, which Hindustan has to embellish, all the conditions are being depended on the politics which itself is engrossed in ignorance and corruption and He has declared himself successful under the guise of crime.

The problem is not that not a single thing has been said in a 95-minute interview that is non-political. The problem is not even that it was clear from the interview that the interviewee was happy because the Prime Minister is sitting in front and he chose him. The problem was not even that the Prime Minister has known that when the neck of democracy is in his fist, the fourth column will listen to him for 95 minutes, he will tell it. Will mourn

But there was no one to tell the Prime Minister that such 95-minute interviews are constantly shortening your 56-inch chest. This chest may also disappear in the coming 100 days. Obviously, there can be a debate here that when the Prime Minister does not want to hear the truth, then what is the problem of sitting in front of him for 95 minutes and 95 thousand minutes? Or if those who tell the truth to the Prime Minister are saying that you are settled in the heart of the public. At one time, the public responded by saying “merchant of death”. So at one time he replied by saying “despicable”. At one time, the public responded by saying “Chaiwala”. So now those who say “thieves” will also get the answer. Just don’t worry.

Power Of The Flight

Actually it is a flight. Such a flight of power in which power is locked in the room and the public is ready to cling to the flying birds under the open sky. But flight is flight. Therefore, while wringing the neck of democracy, referring to Bengal in the interview, allegations of ending democracy there can be made on Mamta that she did not allow the rath yatra.

But how will the public like it. The question of the end of democracy, a PM is putting a CM on a time when there is a heated debate in the country as to why democracy has disappeared. Actually, those who call or understand Modi as Hitler, they make a mistake. And those who consider Modi to be the finger of politics, they also make mistakes. Hitler never called Hitler more powerful than himself, or Hitler was the first to eliminate those who were on Hitler’s line.

Therefore, to call Mamata undemocratic is a mistake of undemocratic Modi. Secondly, the person who jumps in the elections by referring to mother Ganga in 2014, is not even aware that the maximum waste in mother Ganga falls in Bengal. That is, nobody can even tell how Modi can fight Mamata by standing in the arena of Mamta’s political land in lieu of the identity of her political land.

The figures of Modi government itself show that if 3,275 tonnes of garbage falls in the Ganges every day in Uttar Pradesh, 6,132 tonnes of garbage falls in the Ganges in Bengal. That is, in Uttarakhand, UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, 5,597 tons of garbage is dumped in the Ganges every day and more than 40 cities of Bengal alone, more garbage falls in the Ganges.

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