Satire: Hanumanji was the world’s first information director

It is written in Pothi – The day Ram came to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana, the whole city was illuminated with lamps. This Deepavali festival will be celebrated till eternity. But on this festival, traders change the ledger and the ledger is tied in red cloth.

The question is – what is the relation between Ram’s arrival in Ayodhya to change the account book? And why the ledger is tied in red clothes only?

The thing was that when the news of Ram’s arrival came, there was a panic in the business class. He started saying – ‚ÄúSeth ji, now there is a big problem. Polls went under the rule of Bharat. But Ram Maryada is Purushottam. They will not tolerate tax evasion. They will check their ledger. And you will be punished. ”

A businessman said, “Brother, your case number two will also be caught.”

The men and women of Ayodhya were preparing to welcome Ram, but the business class was nervous.

Even before reaching Ayodhya, Ram knew that there was a big pole there.

He called Hanuman and said – Listen Pawansut, we have won the war in Lanka, but in Ayodhya we will have to face a bigger enemy than Ravana – that is, corruption of the business class. Great heroes are defeated in front of the merchant. You are an incredible force and wisdom. I appoint you as the director of the information branch. After reaching Ayodhya, you should check the account of the traders and hold false accounts. Give the harshest punishment

There was a stir among the traders here. They started saying – Oh brother, I am dead now. Hanumanji was appointed director of the information branch. They are very tough men. Did not get married. Neither hair nor children. Even bribe will not work.

The legal advisors of the traders sat down and started thinking. He decided that the ledger should be changed. In the whole state, the order went on behalf of ‘Chamber of Commerce’ that the books of accounts should be changed on this festival.

Yet the merchant class was not convinced. Cheating Hanuman was not an easy thing. He had supernatural intelligence. How to make them happy? Discussion started

– Warming a few fists will not work?

– They do not charge a penny.

– Don’t take them, but meme saab?

– Their memes are not the same. Sir did not do the marriage. Youth hung in battle.

-Have some other hobbies? Liquor and everything else?

– He is a child celibate. We will kill the girl and kill her. No one gets drunk Spartan man.

– Then what should we do?

– Tell me what to do?

A grown-up lawyer advised- Look, the bigger one is, the more flattering he likes. Hanuman has no illusion. They wrap vermilion on the body and wear red diapers. They are proletariat and leaders of the proletariat. It is easy to make them happy. Tie the merchant ledger in red clothes.

Overnight the accounts were changed and the books and accounts were wrapped in red cloth.

Ayodhya sparkle arose. Aarti of Ram-Sita-Laxman was performed. The merchant class also welcomed openly. He kept speaking to Lord Hanuman as well as his Jai.

On the second day Hanuman went out to the market of Ayodhya with some doctors.

First went to the merchant. Said, take out the ledger. Will investigate.

The Red Bag

The merchant took out the red bag and put it forward. Hanuman saw – the cloth of diapers and the bag is one. Happy,

He said – Do you tie a book in my loincloth?

The businessman said – Yes, force and wisdom, we are your devotees. Worship you Consider your mark as your mark.

Hanuman was thrilled.

The merchant said – open the bag. Check the account

Hanuman said – Let it be. My devotee cannot be dishonest.

Wherever Hanuman used to go, he would see the ledger tied in red langot cloth. He was very happy. He did not check any accounts.

Reported to Ramchandra that the businessmen of Ayodhya are very honest. They are perfectly fine.

Hanuman was the first communist in the world. He was the leader of the proletariat. Today’s communists have taken their red color.

But the leader of the proletariat should be careful not to tie the bourgeoisie with its diapers.

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