Rahul Gandhi was ‘Geeta’ yesterday in the ‘Dangal’ of Parliament

Remember the first Dangal of Dangal movie? When Geeta Phogat first landed in the arena to fight a riot between the boys. Before the riots, the audience was making fun of Geeta, discussing among themselves how many seconds the girl would last, and speculating that she would definitely choose a weaker opponent for the riot. But contrary to people’s thinking, Geeta raised her hand while challenging the strongest wrestler and then played a lot of riots. Dangal even though Geeta had lost but she had won everyone’s heart.

The atmosphere of the Parliament was also like that of the same riotous arena. Here Rahul Gandhi had landed as Geeta and he had chosen Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the riot. Before the speech, the public had as little expectation from Rahul Gandhi as the audience before Geeta from Geeta Phogat, but after the riot, only Geeta’s name was on everyone’s tongue, just as Rahul Gandhi climbed on everyone’s words from yesterday. Huh.

Just. This comparison stops here. Because after the first riot in the film, Geeta never needed to look back and she was swept all over the world, beating all her rivals one by one. While it is too early to set such expectations from Rahul Gandhi. Even now for the Mahadangal of 2019, he appears to be in a very weak position. Therefore, this comparison is limited to only one riot, which happened in Parliament yesterday.

Motto Made Clear

Rahul Gandhi looked strong from the beginning yesterday. Usually, Rahul Gandhi, who was confused by his own speech while giving a speech, was confident and yesterday a glimpse of a ‘good speaker’ was found in pieces, but many times during his speech.

However, there was nothing in Rahul Gandhi’s speech that could be called ‘historical’. There was nothing unique or unprecedented in this speech neither on the standards of quality nor on the standards of eloquence. Despite this, there are some reasons which make this speech very important. The first reason is the image of Rahul Gandhi. The fact that his opposition has been successful in establishing his image as ‘Pappu’ cannot be denied. Due to this image of many BJP leaders, they have also said that Rahul Gandhi being the Congress President is a boon for the BJP.

Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Pappu’ image has become so strong now that the general public’s expectations from him are minimal. His speech yesterday also looks very impressive because hardly anyone had expected such a speech from Rahul Gandhi. It was just as if a cricket team is standing on the cusp of defeat by losing their nine wickets and their last player will come and hit an unexpected century and get his team back in the match. Against the very strong BJP yesterday, Rahul Gandhi has hit one such century on behalf of the Congress.

The other important thing in this speech was its timing. At a time when the ruling party seems to be failing on all fronts like inflation and unemployment, social and economic problems in the country are constantly getting worse and incidents of deterioration of law and order are coming out every day in the form of new opposition. As aggressive as it should be, yesterday’s aggression appeared in Rahul Gandhi.

Along with all the important issues like unemployment, inflation, mob lynching, Rafael Deal, attacks on Dalits and tribals, many such Panchs were also included in Rahul Gandhi’s speech which will now be seen using anti-BJP for a long time. For example, ‘Prime Minister is not a watchman partner’ and ‘Jumla strike’. One of the most important features of this speech was that for the first time, the leader of such a large party was openly attacked against the Ambani brothers and their alliances with the government.

In yesterday’s parliamentary riot, the Prime Minister also gave a strong reply to Rahul Gandhi. But still Rahul Gandhi is being discussed more than him because Rahul Gandhi’s performance was much better than what was expected of him while Narendra Modi’s performance was slightly less than expected. Narendra Modi is known for his style of speech. But his speech yesterday proved suicidal in many ways.

While Rahul Gandhi gathered sympathy by saying that ‘I know you people call me Pappu’, Narendra Modi made fun of Rahul Gandhi in Parliament, showing such gestures that many memes from last night. But have started That is, yesterday, where Rahul Gandhi improved his speech style and showed that he can also speak like ‘Narendra Modi’, while Narendra Modi made fun of him and showed that he too can do things like ‘Rahul Gandhi’. .

The BJP’s preparations to surround Rahul Gandhi were also seen to reverse most of the time yesterday. Rahul Gandhi had given a statement a while back that ‘If I speak, an earthquake will occur.’ Due to his statement, BJP workers were making fun of him on social media since yesterday morning and before his speech on Twitter, the hashtag ‘earthquake is about to start’ started trending. But after Rahul Gandhi’s speech, this trick backfired to the BJP. After his unexpected speech, the hashtag ‘Earthquake has come’ started trending on Twitter so fast that it also left behind the BJP hashtag ‘Earthquake is about to come’.

Narendra Modi’s constant attack on the Congress was also a major drawback of his speech. Speaking in Parliament yesterday, he spent much of his time in bashing the Congress of the 70s, 80s and 90s. His strategy was fine as long as he was in opposition and Congress was in power in the country. But now the Congress has been cleared from the Center as well as almost all the states.

And at the same time they have been in power for four years.

Even now, if they continue to count the past mistakes of the Congress, not their achievements, then it is bound to raise questions about their capabilities in the minds of the people. Speaking in Parliament yesterday, Narendra Modi did not look as if he was responding to a no-confidence motion against his government, but it seemed as if he was presenting a no-confidence motion against Nehru, Indira or Manmohan government.

However, the BJP had a very strong strength, so the destiny of this no-confidence motion was the same. BJP won and opposition lost. But this defeat of the opposition was like Geeta’s defeat in the first riot of Dangal film, then there was another reason for this. This was Rahul Gandhi’s hug to the Prime Minister. This bet of Rahul Gandhi proved to be so effective that it also left Narendra Modi speechless for some time. By the way, if he wanted, he could have smashed this bet of Rahul in one stroke. All he had to do was that when Rahul Gandhi came to him to hug him, he would get up and hug Rahul Gandhi. If that were the case, his height would have been bigger and Rahul’s actions would have seemed childish. But this did not happen, the Prime Minister kept on sitting on his seat without any hesitation. And this is where Rahul Gandhi won the game.

Prime Minister Modi, who has become notorious abroad for hugging people, did not even rise from his seat to demand Rahul Gandhi’s hug. His expressions were also such that he was not able to understand anything. When Rahul Gandhi almost forcefully started going back to embrace him, he definitely called Rahul back and shook him. But later during his speech, he also made fun of Rahul Gandhi coming to him, saying that some people are too quick to reach the Prime Minister’s chair.

It is quite possible that Rahul Gandhi’s embrace of Narendra Modi has been part of a pre-determined strategy and those who write speeches for Rahul have also advised Rahul to do so. If you want this whole sentence, it can also be called drama. But such plays have far-reaching consequences in politics. If this was part of the strategy, then this strategy was successful for Rahul and the Congress because since yesterday Rahul Gandhi is in discussion for this step and most of the people are seeing it in a positive way.

Soon after this incident, another incident also took place. When Rahul Gandhi came back to his place, he eyed one of his colleagues, who was caught by the Lok Sabha cameras. Now he is also in a lot of discussions due to his actions. But Rahul Gandhi has done this earlier also and his image has now been created, it has not had much effect on this incident.

Doing this now does not even surprise people. But the kind gesture that the Prime Minister was acting on Rahul’s eye, it will definitely be a little new for the people. It has come as a bonus for those who enjoy making meams on social media. Such hopes remain with such people from Rahul Gandhi, now Prime Minister Modi is also giving such material a lot.

It is quite likely that by tomorrow’s performance Rahul Gandhi may have attracted and influenced many voters who are dissatisfied with the current government or who are not staunch supporters of the BJP and are unsure of their vote. His performance yesterday was definitely like the Gita of Dangal before the film Dangal, but it should not be taken to mean that he has become the Gita Phogat of the Dangal of politics. Yes, it is definitely that after yesterday’s performance, he has instilled confidence in the Congress party like Babita, Geeta’s sister. Before every riot, she used to scream while cheering her sister – ‘Chal Geeta.’


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