No-confidence motion: Partners, workers and a little Gandhigiri

The no-confidence motion brought against the Modi government came to an end as expected. The number of votes polled in favor of the NDA i.e. against the motion of no confidence was 325. However, this figure could have been slightly better if the NDA ally Shiv Sena had voted in favor. But he decided to abstain from voting. Therefore, the floor management of Amit Shah and Anant Kumar was a bit weak.

The government has found a new partner in the form of AIDMK. The Prime Minister accused the opposition of uniting against Modi. But the opposition was not united. This is proved by 126 votes in favor of the motion of no confidence. Only the Left, TMC, TDP, NCP, NC and SP have voted with the Congress. This shows that the Congress still needs to make a lot of efforts for opposition unity.

In twenty years, this fourth no-confidence motion has come against the government. In which the Vajpayee government formed in 1998 lost by one vote. A no-confidence motion was also brought against the re-formed Vajpayee government, but he was successful for the second time. In 2008, the Left parties withdrew support to the Manmohan Singh government on the issue of nuclear deal with America. The opposition then proposed to prove the government a majority in Parliament. The UPA government had won that power test. The TDP’s no-confidence motion came ten years later, along with some opposition parties, including the Congress. Rahul Gandhi made Gandhigiri his weapon and said that he is not doing politics of hate but politics of love.

Rahul Gandhi started his speech of about 50 minutes in a very aggressive way. He put the foreshadowing of the 2019 general election in a way. Rahul avoided all the contentious issues that the BJP could take advantage of. When he raised the issue of mob lynching and violence, he made his point by linking it to Ambedkar’s constitution. Apparently 2019 was going on in his mind.

He said, “Where someone is being killed, someone is being beaten, pressed, whenever someone is crushed, it is not just an attack on that person, but an attack on Ambedkarji’s constitution and Parliament.” it happens.”

Rahul Gandhi further surrounds the Prime Minister in this sharp attack through the Rafael Deal in a very effective manner. Due to which, the whisper was clearly visible within the government. Rahul said that the Prime Minister is unable to meet his eyes. He has accused the Prime Minister of being a partner of corruption instead of the watchman.

Reply Of The Legend

The Prime Minister has also responded well to the allegations of opposition. But that confidence was not visible in the face, which was seen earlier. The Prime Minister described Rahul Gandhi as naamdar and said that he is a worker. In gestures, he also used his backward caste. The Prime Minister described himself as a poor and backward caste. It was evident that his aim was to sway the votes that were being recited.

Attacking the unity of the opposition, he gave examples from Chaudhary Charan Singh, Chandrashekhar, Morarji Desai, HD Deve Gowda to Indra Kumar Gujral and Sardar Patel that there is no political advantage to be with the Congress. It is obvious that the Prime Minister has set the agency for BJP. The line has also been fixed for the party.

No-trust in opposition unity

Opposition unity was also to be tested through this no-confidence motion. And that melody of unity has collapsed for the moment. Some parties standing in opposition to the BJP walked out, which further reduced the number of opposition votes. TRS, which had the melody of the Third Front, walked out. Its 11 members did not participate in the division of votes. BJD has direct political clash with BJP in Odisha. But the BJD also boycotted the motion of no confidence.

BJD parliamentary party leader Bhartrihari Mahtab said that Odisha is not going to benefit from this discussion. That is why they are walking out. Similarly, BJP has been having differences with Shiv Sena for a long time. But the party did not support the government but did not support the opposition either.

The AIADMK lacks leadership after Jayalalithaa’s death. The current leadership thought it good to go with the government. During this no-confidence motion, the opposition has failed the test of unity. The lesson for the Congress is that it is not easy to bring the opposition together without homework. The opposition has its own political issues that the Congress cannot afford to ignore.

PM Still Strong

Modi still looks strong inside and outside the BJP. The number force in the government’s favor is evident from this. After all the claims, small parties are not able to go against the government. The talk of protest within the BJP has proved to be airborne. The Prime Minister mocked the opposition, saying that a no-confidence motion would be brought again in 2024.

After this, the Prime Minister listed the achievements of the government in a series. On the employment issue, the Prime Minister answered the opposition’s question through statistics. In his ninety-minute speech, he described the outcome of those going with the Congress and also warned the opposition parties. The answer was answered on behalf of the government from the state president of Madhya Pradesh.

Rakesh Singh has started a campaign campaign vigorously on behalf of BJP in the elections of these three states. Details of the functioning of the governments there have been given. The BJP government has been in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh for 15 years. Revenue

In Thane too, BJP has been in government for 5 years. There are elections in these three states only this year.

Rahul’s Gandhigiri

After his speech, Rahul Gandhi went and embraced the Prime Minister. Whose social media is also being mocked. Although the Congress leaders argue that they do not do politics of hate, but when Rahul came to his seat, he began to speculate whether Rahul met the Prime Minister with good intentions or his intention to have fun. . BJP termed it a child-like act.

Another miracle was the Aam Aadmi Party coming in support of the Congress proposal. Strong opposition from the Congress to Kejriwal in Delhi is open. In this context, getting Rahul’s support from AAP seems successful at the moment.

Bashir Badr has a lion for Rahul Gandhi, who hugged the Prime Minister in the garb of a no confidence motion:

No one will even shake hands,

Those who will embrace with heat.

Is a city of new moods,

Just match the distance.


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