National Statistical Commission: The latest victim of the ruined constitutional institutions in Modiraj

Economist Jayati Ghosh writes in the Indian Express on 31 January, “There was enough discussion in the Modi government on the attacks on all the constitutional institutions of the country, but the way this government has demolished the country’s statistical system, no one has properly Did not even pay attention. The current government has refused to release the unemployment data for 2017-18 prepared by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO). As a result, the last two members of the National Statistical Commission have also submitted their resignations. ”

Reactions To The Policies

On Tuesday, resentful of the hiding of employment-related data by the central government and neglect of the institute, the acting chairman of the National Statistical Commission, PC Mohanan and member JV Meenakshi resigned. The tenure of both the members was till June 2020. The remaining members of the Commission have already separated from it due to the government’s policies.

The statistics department of India has a reputation as some of the most reliable and detailed data experts in the world. The statistics of the statistics department is also very important because it provides reliable data on employment, and performance in various sectors of government, along with the common citizens of the country. Based on this, the nature of future policies and economy is determined.

There are two main reasons behind the latest resignations. The first is that in relation to employment, the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) prepared an employment survey for 2016-17. The NSC stamped on it last year, but the government has so far prevented it from releasing these figures. Apart from this, last year the government released figures related to the gross domestic product (GDP) of the bank series. But before releasing those figures, the government did not consult the NSC.

After resigning, PC Mohanan said, “We feel that the work of the Commission is failing to discharge it. For some time, we felt that we have been sidelined and we are not being taken seriously. It is the apex body of economic health statistics of the country. But it was not succeeding in its purpose. We were feeling like this. ”

The Modi government is already accused of weakening the CBI, Supreme Court and the Reserve Bank. Should now the names of the National Statistical Commission also be added to these institutions? In response to this question, JNU professor Jayanti Ghosh says, “Of course you also add the name of the Statistics Commission.”

Jayanthi Ghosh while speaking to Newslaundry says, “This step of the government is against the basic spirit of the Constitution. This government is running a union-like organization from behind, whose ideology is to make India a Hindu nation. In such a situation, if any constitutional institution will be stronger than a certain extent, then the government will not be able to succeed in its plan. Therefore, efforts are being made to destroy the institutions. The Statistics Commission gave unemployment figures, but the government is not releasing it at all. The government does not want its failures to come to light. ”

After this resignation, the government is on target of the opposition. Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram tweeted that due to the maladministration of the government, on January 29, 2019, another respected institution came to an end. We express our deepest regret at the end of the National Statistical Commission and gratefully remember the courageous battle to release reliable GDP figures and employment figures through it.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his party people often say that what has not happened in the last 70 years happened after the Modi government came to power. At least in the context of the demolition of democratic institutions, this claim of the Modi government can be considered correct.

Confidentiality Of The Data

Pranab Sen, former chairman of the National Statistical Commission, speaking to the Newslaundry on this latest crisis born in the National Statistical Commission, says, “They (the resignants) are right.” The National Statistical Commission was created so that people have confidence in the data that the government releases. There should be no political color in it. Now this government is not only giving importance to the Statistics Commission, instead it is trying to eliminate it. ”

Pranab Sen was also the chairman of the National Statistical Commission during the Modi government. Was there any pressure on him even then? In response to this question, Sen says, “There was no pressure in my time, but then the Modi government came to power. At that time, the success or failure of the Modi government would not have been determined by our figures, but the figures of this time will definitely be a mirror of the success or failure of the government. ”

The post of chairman and two members of the commission was already vacant. Now after the resignation of PC Mohanan and JV Meenakshi, only NITI Aayog CEO Amitabhakant is left in the Statistics Commission. Pranab Sen says that generally the National Statistical Commission consists of chairman and five members. One of these five members is the CEO of NITI Aayog.

Economist Biswajit Dhar, while speaking to the Newslaundry, says that the objective of creating the National Statistical Commission was to provide the government with the correct figures so that the real picture of the country’s progress could be revealed, and work could be done on it. But it seems that this government wants to hide the data. After which the people associated with it are resigning and separating.

Biswajit Dhar cites an example stating the need of the National Statistical Commission, “You go to the doctor for treatment. The doctor says


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