Madhya Pradesh with 1,200 farmer suicides annually

It is almost 12 o’clock in the afternoon. 11-year-old Ipak Yadav is sitting alone in his slum house, there is no one at his house. His mother has gone to work in a teak nursery about two kilometers from home. Two other elder brothers and sisters of Ipak, who are 18 and 15 years old, have also gone out to work. Ipak’s father Ambir Singh Yadav committed suicide by consuming poison almost four years ago. Ambir was a farmer by profession. He had two and a half acres of land on which he used to cultivate. Ever since he gave his life by drinking poison, this farmer family living in Matha village of Sehore district is forced to maintain wages by working.

She was going to eat food when the newslaundry met Ambir Singh’s wife Sunita Yadav at Sagwan’s nursery. At the same time, Prem Singh Yadav, former sarpanch of Matha village, who is taking care of the nursery, says, “Sir, write a little care, do not write anything that will harm the Chief Minister.”

After talking for a while, Prem Singh went to one corner and stood up. When Newslaundry tried to talk to Sunita Yadav, she initially hesitated but then agreed to talk. Sunita says, “There is no one to run the house anymore, so one has to work as a laborer. The problem is that wages are not available every day. Sometimes 10 days or sometimes 15 days and that too for Rs. 200 per day. What happens with this? ”

Sunita works in the nursery of teak to pick up the leaves falling between the beds. She says, “I have four children, out of which two older children also help them by working as a laborer to run a house. I don’t know why my husband had committed suicide, used to do farming. But no more work than what he earned. He used to drink. He also got addicted to drinking alcohol. After his death some leaders of both BJP and Congress parties came, they went on to say that the family will get some financial help but any such item Did not match any leaders of the two parties. ”

Sunita explains, “Farming would have brought food grains to the house, but it is not easy for a small farmer to do farming. This leads to debt. Sometimes this loan becomes a problem. By the time I had my husband, I knew that there was someone who would take care of my family but now there is no one. ”

Loan At The Rescue

When Sunita was narrating her grief to this journalist, the former sarpanch Prem Singh Yadav, who was present there, started taking a photo of this journalist and started saying that her husband was an alcoholic, and who used to earn everything, he got upset and he committed suicide. Have done When this journalist asked the former sarpanch why he was taking photographs, he started saying, “We should also know who you are.”

On June 12, 2017, another 50-year-old Gulichand Keer also committed suicide by consuming poison in Jajna, another village in Rehati tehsil. Keer had a loan of about five and a half lakhs. He took a loan of two and a half lakh from the bank and took a loan from three lakh market. Keer’s eldest son also died a year after his death. It is said that he died due to lack of treatment due to cash strapped.

Keer’s 24-year-old son, Inder Keer, says, “My father owned almost nine acres of land, in which he used to cultivate wheat, soybeans and gram. But the land was not so fertile. Dad also used to work here along with others. But the cost of growing two crops in a year was the same as the cost, often less than that. For the last ten years this was going on, so my father spent the entire ten years helping to feed the family. Had taken a loan of five and a half lakhs. He used to pay installments but there was no profit in agriculture. ”

I still remember that day, says Inder, “Dad had gone to the farm and when he returned, he sat in a corner in the courtyard outside the house, by then he had eaten poison and suddenly fell and started to suffer. , We rushed him to the hospital but upon reaching the hospital, the doctor declared him dead.

Inder told that after the death of his father, senior Congress leaders Suresh Pachauri and Jeetu Patwari came to his house. He says, “Both of them had said that they would get us compensation but after that day he never appeared in our village.

Inder is also very angry about the death of his elder brother Sher Singh, he says, “My elder brother Saheb (Sher Singh) died about 10 months after the death of my father. When he was returning from the farm Then the jackal had bitten in his hand. He came home, after that we took him to a doctor in Rehati. The doctor gave him an injection at that time and gave him some medicines. But 14 -15 days later she goes crazy He started behaving. We took him to Hoshangabad. From there we took him to Bhopal where he was treated for ten days in Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital and died in the hospital itself. ”

Inder says, “There was no money for the treatment of brother-in-law, he took a loan of about three and a half lakhs from the villagers. Had he had more money and taken him to a big hospital, he might have saved his life.”

Inder told that after the death of his brother from the Forest Department, compensation of four lakh rupees was received, through which he had repaid the loan taken from the villagers. Showing the heap of urad lying in the house, he says, “This urad is not even selling because according to the mandi rules it is light level while we do our best to ensure that our crops live up to their scale.”

Sher Singh’s 26-year-old wife Sukh

Vati Keer says, “It was just five years before our marriage, but this incident happened. Now I also work as a laborer. We get our wages only at the time of harvesting of the crop. Those asking for loans also come, Sometimes from a bank, sometimes a private trader. ”

Pandemic suicide of farmers

According to government statistics, Madhya Pradesh is third in the case of farmer suicides in India. Union Minister of State for Agriculture Puroshatam Rupala also said during Lok Sabha session on 20 March 2018 that in 2016, one farmer committed suicide in Madhya Pradesh every 8 hours. After the year 2013, 21 percent increase in farmer suicides in Madhya Pradesh. Despite winning the Krishi Karman Award for five consecutive times (2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16), 6,071 farmers have committed suicide in Madhya Pradesh during the years 2011 to 2016.

According to the report of the Madhya Pradesh Crime Records Bureau published in 2016, 18687 farmers committed suicide in Madhya Pradesh from the year 2001 to 2015. But if the workers studying the problems of the farmers believe that the figure of farmer suicides is even higher. Apart from this, the government has termed the suicides of many farmers as a result of family dispute or love affair, instead of considering suicide as a result of agrarian distress or debt.

Formerly the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s farmers association was associated with the Akhil Bharatiya Kisan Sangh and currently the President of the Rashtriya Kisan Mazdoor Sangh, Shivkumar Sharma alias Kakaji says, “The government used to make various lewd comments on farmer suicides to hide its inaction.” The government, while talking shamefully, says that the farmer was bizarre, paranoid, suffering from home trouble or in love affair. Was. The farmer is not getting food, he is not able to repay the loan, what will he run a love affair. These comments have been made by BJP MLAs, MPs and Ministers. Even Agriculture Minister of the Government of India, Radha Mohan Singh Have also made such comments. ”

Kakaji says, “According to government figures, in the last 15 years about twenty thousand farmers have committed suicides in Madhya Pradesh, but according to my organization this figure is 56,000. The government does not accept it. For example about seven years ago. , A 22-year-old young farmer committed suicide in Bankheri tehsil of Hoshangabad district. A letter was found in the pocket of the boy who was stationed by the station in-charge of the Bankheri police station. Was taken out during the trial and told me that this boy committed suicide in the housewife. It was a quarrel with his mother after which he gave his life after drinking poison. The people of the village told me that the police station in-charge gave a letter from the boy I had given out and he was not giving it back, so I had laid siege to the police station after which the station in-charge handed over the letter to us. In that letter, “The Chief Minister said that Will forgive the loan up to Rs 50,000 and have not forgiven the loan now, I already have a loan of 2.5 lakh and I have a total of four acres of land. I do not know how I will repay this loan so I am committing suicide. ”

Farmer leader Kakaji says, “Madhya Pradesh ranks third in the country in terms of suicides. And if the highest number of farmer suicides occurred in the state, it happened in the Chief Minister’s district (Sehore). The main reason for farmer suicides is the farmer. The cost of the crop is not to be found. It is for this reason that the farmer is constantly living in debt. This increases the interest and after that the farmer gives his life in trouble. The purchaser. ”

According to Kakaji, “The government is continuously increasing costs. Manure, seeds, pesticides are all being taxed due to which the cost of farming has increased. “He further adds,” The cost of farming is increasing, but in the last five years, the support price of Rs 20 has not been increased in a single crop. Gone. In the last four years, they have not increased the support price, although this year they have increased a little. According to the report of the Swaminathan Commission, till the farmer will not get the payment, the cost of farmers will not get one and a half times the remunerative price according to the cost. 47 percent suicides have risen in central India and this is a matter of great concern. ”

Another farmer leader living in Sehore district, Sunil Gaur, says, “Farmer suicides are always suppressed in Madhya Pradesh. They are described as suicides caused by family strife or some other dispute. Recently some ministers Had even said that farmers commit suicide because of ghosts and love affairs. If you look at family discord, then the car of discord Economic happens. The cost of the work cost the farmer’s home harvest will sell will be strapped in her home, which led to will not have the basic needs of people in the house and will take the form of discord. “

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