Krishna Sobti: Now in the circle of memories

Krishna Sobti (18 February 1925 – 25 January 2019), in his prose-work ‘A Girl’, published almost 30 years ago, narrated the narrative of an old woman waiting for death. It is mentioned that the heat of life is victorious in front of the old woman’s death. In the light of this story, if we look at the name-o-work of Krishna Sobti and the news of his death, then we can see that this news is full of details of Krishna Sobti’s life being lost forever. So far, the devotees who have been represented, confirm that he is the most respected and successful writer of Hindi in every sense. Her quality on this is that she has always been vocal in favor of human values ​​and mixed her voice in the voice of resistance.

Krishna Sobti was born on 18 February 1925 in a town in present-day Pakistan and during the twilight of his life, he passed away in Delhi, where he breathed his last at eight thirty in the morning. For several days, information about his unwell and his new books were coming together. These notifications are the conclusion of his creative fearlessness.

Krishna Sobti received the Sahitya Akademi Award in the year 1980 and the Jnanpith Award in 2017, but writers like Krishna Sobti accept the biggest prize for themselves as ‘the eye of the creator’ and their struggle remains with this central goal. Because, “The artist’s eye is the success of the author’s diligence and the combination of the ability of the balancing seer in both of them, almost beyond these rich abilities, the writer has to go on learning throughout his life as a learner.” If any creative piece is presented simultaneously in its seed and nature, in essence, concise, detail and intensity, then the mental attachment of the writer and the synergies of the composition remain parallel to each other. The author takes dictation from the composition as a clerk. With this, the emotional joints are absorbed in the multi-coincidence composition spread over yoga and meditation. ”

What is to be taken care of?

The above quoted verse is from the autobiography of Krishna Sobti and reading it can be understood as the work of a literary worker. A litterateur who has such an eye that he forces the entire existence in front of the wrong for this to happen with retaliation. Be present where it is needed.

This is the point where in the modern history of Hindi literature, by all means, the most respected and successful writers of Hindi will be mentioned, then Krishna Sobti will also look different because she has always been reprimanding Durgun like ‘Ajatashatruta’ from a distance. .

On the issues that the country and the scene would have been grappling with, he gave an opinion instead of shredding the tongue, moving the public rather than Goshanshin and taking the initiative instead of neutrality. He used to get into disputes and rejected the found.

In this sad hour, the populist writers can take a sentence from the release issued by the Sangh and say: “Whenever writers-culturalists raised their voice against the intolerance of the current BJP Nizam, Krishna Sobti’s voice was the most vocal. After the assassination of Professor Kalburgi, he strongly opposed the ruthlessness of the ruling party and the silence of the Sahitya Akademi who surrendered his autonomy and resigned from the Akademi’s superior membership. She was also involved in resistance programs against the government by sitting in her wheel-chair. ”

Krishna Sobti Hindi literature world author of works like ‘Zindaginama’, ‘Dilo-Danish’, ‘Dar se Bichhudi’, ‘Samay Sargam’, ‘Mitro Marjani’, ‘Aye Girl’, ‘Clouds of the Circle’ and ‘Hum Hashmat’ Are never going to get separated from Finally, this dialogue of ‘A Girl’:

“Head-head-mouth-eye-nose-ear-cheeky-hand-foot-foot, what did the creator even create!” Moment-less clock inside. Neither a breath nor a short. Those who sit and build houses in this world, they have to move at last. ”


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