Kal Vishwa Kahega Sara, songs before Neeraj had everything, love was not

I had made many objectionable revelations on him during his life, and for this reason he sent me a message of reprimand but never spoiled my mind. Actually Gopaldas Neeraj’s rating in Hindi was minimal. There were many reasons for this. The first thing is that he did not let anyone stay on the stage. They were taught later, because after their lessons, half, and even more than that, the audience would get up. Secondly, he used to sing and study. Thousands of thousands of people were also mesmerized by his singing.

But singing does not reduce its quality. Nirala also used to sing and read, and sometimes reached the stage with a harmonium on the floor. Did it become infrequent?

Neeraj saved the language of the Hindi platform from being corrupted. He was just the wayward First he was a typist, then a professor and then went to films. If there is no mind, then Rama left.

It was said that some heroines fell in love with him. This can also happen. Because he was a handsome handsome man of Cupid’s competition. Irritated at this, the arrogant actors and directors of Mayanagari drove him out of Bombay. Because they felt insecure with his presence. Even though the majority of them could not stop the heroines’ hair due to their intoxication and stress. Will sleep with the actress like siblings at night, but will not let the other get around. I asked Neeraj about this once, then he gave a round answer. He was very fond of women. Poets are often seen in conferences with a female companion.

First Faceoff

My first meeting with him was in very strange and accidental circumstances. It was 1982. My other papers in the MA examinations were correct, but the case was suspended in the Sanskrit leaflet. Actually I used to go to class only occasionally, otherwise I would spend time singing and playing in villages, forests, rivers. Due to my natural interest, I had read the MA Hindi course books by the 12th, but never read Sanskrit.

Our professor Govind Sharma, who had a lot of affection for me, saw a copy of my Sanskrit leaflet after the examination, and he became extremely distraught and worried. Because I wrote 15 answers worth bringing out more than 100 numbers. The professor’s most beloved and clever student was failing due to a prescription.

A fierce moralist professor rushed to find out where the copy was going to be searched. Then he gave me a paper and 100 rupees and said- “Look, I am going to Aligarh to copy the copy. If you can diagnose something, save my honor and your future. ”

I asked Uttarkashi directly to my mentor and politician Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna in Delhi and said, please call someone. But he went clean. Said- “After all, morality is also something.” But he did so much that he put a lot of money in my pocket, and said, “Take it yourself.”

When I landed in Aligarh with one hand and pressed my washcloth full of notes, it was a misfortune. The rickshaw-puller took me straight to a good hotel, at which rate was 400 rupees. I asked the waiter for an English hand, had a royal meal, and then asked the English drink manager in English – “Where is Mr. G. D. Neeraj. The Famous Poet and Lyric Author. ”

He laughed and said- “Get down. Anyone with a rickshaw will leave Neerajji’s house with 4 rupees. ”

I got confident after drinking the quarter. Because from the age of 15, I used to live alone in a remote city. Saved from flowing in many rivers, narrowly avoided the sexuality of many erotic elders, and saved embellishment from pickpockets. I was sure that Neeraj, the emperor of compassion, would definitely have compassion on me. And they did so. This picture of me with Neeraj is from that time only.

When the rickshawman left me at the gate of Neeraj’s mansion, he was making a chaat leaf from a vest and a turban-clad Khomache. Even though I had never met him before, I recognized him on sight. I was so tempted at his feet that he woke up only when he was raised.

When I told that I had come from far away district Uttarkashi to meet them only, they filled me in the numbers. Smell my mouth and say – you will not drink tea right now. Eat chaat only. After making a leaf for me, he took me inside the cervix.

In the verandah, when we sat next to the cane folds, I took them out of my bag and gave me a copy of my poem. Turning the pages, he stayed in one place and woke up reading. I had an example of that ghazal –

Atish should dissolve in a mountain waterfall

I write a sip for Tishnagi. ”

He started repeating that miracle again and again. Then I understood that my bet has come true. I clarified- “Since I did not normally dare to come in front of you, so I took a little bit to increase my courage.

He said- “I did not ask you, nor did I object.” I understand that Neeraj is not a pseudo moralist, and when I propose to increase my number by cheating, he will not mind. He informed that after 10 minutes I have to walk to the bank. You will go along Meanwhile, I washed his car. When we sat in that old, open, small and colorful car and walked to the bank, it was as if the chariot went on, there was mutual talk, the squiggle of Samadam went on. ”

He asked, what else do you read and write? Then I said, “I write, but I don’t read.” That is why I have this misfortune. ”I clearly stated my motive. There was no wrinkle on Neeraj’s face. He said, “A college degree doesn’t matter to a brilliant guy like you. You will get good numbers. ”

In the evening, he took me to a seminar where he had already called the target professor. Professor Ardha Chandra praised him. Ravindra Bhramar was also present in the seminar, which was an eminent Hindi lyricist. He was also suppressed by Neeraj. When Neeraj’s number finally came, he said, “Today I have got a unique diamond.” Today I will tell you a ghazal of this.

Saying this, he narrated my complete ghazal, which he saw in my copy during the day. I was stunned at his memory. He memorized a novice, read once. It is evident that he was asking to increase my status so that the targeted professor should not be reluctant to cheat in my favor.

He said to the professor, take the boy with you. Put a number on its copy in front of it and leave it back in my house. When the young Acharya took out my copy from the bundles, his eyes got torn. Only three pages were dyed on the copy, and that too was answers other than questions. He wiped his sweat from his arm and wrote 62 out of 100 copies on my copy and left me at Neerajji’s house.

In the evening when we sat drinking, we saw that Neeraj does not take more than three pegs. While there was an alcoholic notion about him. I recited them the recitation of Garhwali folk songs and some of their songs. He smoked both cigarettes and bidis, bluster. His bundle of beedis got stuck in the threads of his kurta pocket, and he got annoyed. I had already arrived in Surur.

I said- sometimes even the experiences of the younger ones are successful. The cigarette packet should always be opened from the front, and the bundle of bidis from the back. On opening from the back, the bundle remains tight to the end, while opening from the front looses only when two beedis are out. Then separate the bundle and separate the bidi. In such a situation, the fun ends in the old, and you have to see the new one. He cheered me and said, “You look straight, but really you are a big crook and a sportsman.”


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