Jharkhand: A hunting ground for minor girls and children

These days, in the tribal-dominated Chaibasa district of Jharkhand, the police is engaged in a campaign to search for minor children in remote villages and plateaus. About 32 such children have reached their homes. Three others are being traced. The children were taken to the Paciam Mercy Cross, an alleged illegal shelter home in Ludhiana.

Here Poonam (name changed), a minor tribal girl from a village in Mandar police station area, thirty kilometers from Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, is relieved that the two men who allegedly took her to Shimla and sold her were 11 The police have arrested on September. This girl, who has been fighting for justice for months, wants to punish both the arrested people strictly.

Both these cases have been very much discussed in recent times in Jharkhand. Obviously the faces are different in these two cases, the motives are different, the methods of the incident are different. If there is something similar among them, the helplessness and protection of tribal children – girls in Jharkhand. If we investigate these stories, then its ends will increase.

At the same time, another picture will emerge that even after becoming a separate state from geographical and administrative point of view, in 18 years, the tribal areas of Jharkhand have difficulties with illiteracy, poverty, malnutrition, helplessness and pain of employment. Whereas this tribal section was involved in the front line in the battle of separate state of Jharkhand.

Incidents with children are countless. Somewhere the innocents who grow up in the shelter home are dying, and somewhere there are allegations of sale of innocent people. In many places, all the children of the helpless, poor, laboring family suddenly and together disappear.

Missing children

After all, whose eyes are on the children of tribal areas of Jharkhand. Where do the missing children go or who takes them from here?

Pradeep Toppo, the father of Rahul Toppo, a tribal minor in Mandar police station area, and brother Sanju Toppo are also asked these questions. Rahul Toppo has been missing for four years and during this time his father and brother have left no stone unturned to apply to the government. But the child has not been detected.

Tribal laborer Sumati Oraon living in a cramped slum of Ranchi has become the latest part of these painful stories. Sumati has been searching for her two daughters and a son for the last four months. Sumati’s three minor children (two daughters and one son) went missing together and the police filed an FIR in this case after a full ten days.

On the question of where the children may have gone or if someone has disappeared from the wrong destiny, she says: We should be tribal laborers. Those who are struggling with life There was never any doubt in the mind. These days, songs are echoing from place to place in Jharkhand about Karama Parab (nature and folk festival). But Sumati has tears in her eyes. Actually, his son Janma was on the stale day of Karama Parab. This time he will be eight years old.

The latest National Crime Records Bureau 2016 figures show that 1008 children are still missing in Jharkhand.

The incidents of missing and trafficking of children are widespread in Jharkhand. In such a situation, this question can be asked why this matter does not become an important agenda for politics.

How did the children reach Ludhiana

In the ongoing investigation in the case related to Ludhiana, the police have received information that Paciam Mercy Cross was taken from Sadur villages of Jharkhand in the name of teaching children. These children were four to twelve years old.

The police arrested Satyendra Prakash Moussa, owner of Shelter Home and a local man from Chaibasa, Junaal Longa, in this case and sent them to jail.

Chaibasa Superintendent of Police Kranti Kumar Gadhidhey says that documents seized from the shelter home and interrogation after the arrest of these two people have yielded evidence to the police that the Sarna Bible and its literature in the shelter home for the purpose of conversion of tribal children Was taught regularly.

Apart from this, this case is also related to immoral trafficking. These children, who were brought to Ludhiana, were from far and different places in Jharkhand. Therefore, the police have been facing many difficulties in reaching their homes with the confirmation of their name as recorded in the attendance register of the shelter home. So far, 32 children have come to know that they have reached their homes. Police is also collecting information from the parents of those children.

Earlier eight children were rescued from the shelter home. Regarding the remaining children, the operator of the shelter home had informed that his housemates have been handed over. However, the operator did not give any information to the Child Welfare Committee and the police regarding the handing over of the children.

Now the police is engaged in this investigation, how often and how the children were taken to Ludhiana and where are the wires connected to this shelter home. Under what circumstances did the parents of these children let them go out.

According to the Superintendent of Police, preliminary investigation has revealed the fact that Junal Longa used to study in Ludhiana earlier. He was approached by Satyendra Prakash Musa, the director of the shelter home in Ludhiana itself. After this, Longa used to take children from here. In return he used to get thousand-fifteen hundred rupees.

Longa was successful in convincing the poor and naïve tribals of remote areas that your children will live there for free, will study. And he himself will continue to look after them. Tribal families used to trust him. While these children did not even know the address of household and family properly.

According to the Superintendent of Police, investigation is going on on who other people have been contacting Longa in reaching the shelter home. The police wants to rinse this entire network.

On the basis of the report of the Special Branch and Child Welfare Committee regarding illegal possession of these children and violation of the Juvenile Justice Act, many things started to be revealed.

The matter has also been taken cognizance of by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights. The National Child Protection Commission has summoned the report from the Government of Jharkhand. Also written a letter to the Punjab Police.

Trouble on girls

Poonam (name changed), which has been discussed above, is also the hallmark of these Kahnis. This girl, who has studied up to ninth grade, is struggling to handle herself amidst many difficulties these days.

In fact, with the insistence to punish those against whom he has filed a case, he is worried about the safety of himself and his family.

In the year 2014, Poonam was taken from the mandar to Shimla in the name of employment. There she continued to work as a maid in a house and during this time she was a victim of harassment, molestation.

He claims that instead of working for a year, the landlord gave him ten thousand rupees, whereas it was sold for 75 thousand rupees. The story of the pain of this tribal girl became even more intense when her father was murdered a few days after the police filed a case. However, who has committed the murder has not been revealed yet.

A bitter truth of these incidents is also that many local people are also involved in this alleged smuggling business, also known as Meth-Dalal, who have been able to hand over all the pulse related to the helplessness, helplessness and innocence of the tribals. Have been happening They have direct contact with placement agencies and alleged rackets associated with the trafficking business.


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