Government havoc broken in rain, 102 Mahadalit family on road

On 30 June, Sita Devi (25) gave birth to a son. Husband Ranjit Saday (28) returned home after paying wages and spent all the money on the necessities of wife and children. Preparations for the child’s sixth in the house were going on. On 2 July, about 10 bulldozers and more than 500 policemen reached his locality. They started breaking down the houses one by one. Everything was happening so fast that Sita Devi herself ran first, someone from behind gave a voice, “Hey your child?” Her whole world turned around. Did his child get buried in the debris? Ran towards the room with sharp steps, then sat there with the injury of police baton. Whilst eating the poles, his sister somehow reached the room and brought out that three-day-old baby.

The houses of 102 Mahadalit (Musahar) families have been demolished in Moglaha Mushar Tola of Birpur Panchayat of Khutauna block, 45 km from Madhubani district headquarters in Bihar. About 600 people, including children and women, have come on the road. The affected families have sent the cattle to their relatives’ houses. These Mahadalit families were settled on government land for the last 32 years. Local Ram Vilas Singh presented his claim on the land. The government lost the case in court and an order came to demolish the settled houses of Mahadalit families.

Amidst tear gas shells, rubber bullets and baton, the police was forcibly breaking their houses. People somehow removed some items from the houses. At present, the district administration has arranged for them to stay at Plus Two School, two km from the township. Late evening, chuda was arranged for food from the administration. Here too, disaster struck Mahadalits. Chuda (Chivda) was rotten, after which more than 70 people became ill after eating it. All were hurriedly admitted to the block hospital.

What Was The Conversation?

Rekha Devi was delivered five days before the house broke down. The local language says in Maithili, “Bujhbo na keeliya ke bhelai, bach hamar khaare khaile. Kainait came and said that the child came from the house, he heard the matter. Marbo rivet. Kahuna was taken out of the child’s house. “(I do not know how all of a sudden it happened. The child was in my house, explained a million to the policemen that let me bring the child, but he kept beating the stick. Somehow the child was taken out of the house. Pie).

The temperature was 41 degrees on Wednesday, July 20 at 12 o’clock. This reporter reached Khutowna Plus Two High School to visit the families of the victims. Poonam Devi (25), who was carrying a baby in her lap with sweat, said, “In this school, there is a rache, ab kahaiya ghar detai se na jain. Therefore, there is no berry food. All the children went hungry till Tabit. The father accepted the challenge. We do It was felt that the rice turned into an offensive, so that it was good. Kon jingi bha gail. “(The administration has kept it in school. I don’t know how long I will get home. Here food is served twice a day. Never before two hours a day, till then the child is all hungry Goes. I am cooking food with a brick. I don’t know what kind of life it is, how long it will be like that).

Pramod Saday, who is wandering in search of food, returned in the afternoon, said, “There are all workers in the whole locality. Some people are doing wages in Punjab and some in the surrounding areas. The day the house was broken, most of the men were out of their homes. Women were beaten up. ”

Rabni Devi (35) said, “After getting sick after eating chuda, the medicine was given, it is having a different effect. Headache and dizziness. The weakness is so difficult to work. ”

Umesh Ghosh, CPI-M’s Madhubani District Committee member, who is leading the dharna at the block headquarters for these displaced, says, “It was government land. In 1986, the government gave a letter of residence to 86 Mushar families at the rate of three decimals. This was given under the scheme of giving land to the landless. Almost all the families here have been the beneficiaries of Indira Awas, Government Chapakal, Community Building etc. Electricity was also being provided under the Rajiv Gandhi Electrification Scheme. ”Ghosh is agitating for the rehabilitation of the affected families. But they too have no idea how long the administration will be able to settle these families.

At the same time, ML Mukhiya, a retired teacher and dialogue source of Dainik Jagran newspaper, explains the screw of this land, “Bihar government has two accounts. Account number 500 ie Non-Majrua Khas and 501 i.e. Non-Mazrua Mango. This is (was) non-special land ie government land. Even today, the revenue receipt of this land is not deducted, its purchase cannot be sold. It cannot be transferred. A farmer named Ramvilas Singh claimed this land. He went to court in 1977. In 2006, the government lost the case due to the trial. On this basis, the matter reached the High Court. In 2008, the order came that there would be no new construction. The decision of the High Court came on June 19, 2018, once again the government was defeated. Here came the order to break the houses built. ”He clearly states that during this time women and children were beaten up badly.

He told that 67 lakh rupees came in the government account to settle the landless. But the district administration returned her in March, she could not buy the land. Now the land on which the houses have been demolished is currently worth five lakh rupees.

Madhubani District Magistrate Kapil Ashok told, “Soon land will be acquired to settle Mahadalits. The government will once again be written to give the benefit of Indira Awas Yojana to these families. “In addition, he has also said to give four lakh rupees per family as compensation. However, he did not give any time limit for this.

JDU MLA Lakshmeshwar Rai of Laukhi came to meet these Mahadalits one day in this hour of difficulty. He said, “Court’s decision is there and they cannot do anything. Only life can be lived with courage.” Having said that much, let them grow. Some voluntary organizations have distributed clothes between women and children.

This incident of Madhubani is not the only one. There are reports of displacement of Mahadalit communities in many places in Bihar. A few days ago, Newslaundry had reported on the displacement of Mahadalit families in Chamandih of Chakand. It is a matter of concern that Nitish Kumar’s government had prepared a list of Mahadalit class for the upliftment of Dalits, it is still unable to live a pathetic life. It is unfortunate that insensitivity remains in the attitude of the administration and governments.

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