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A poet of Hindi – suffers from problems of society and literature like a responsible poet should. When they get very restless by nightfall, then in this society or say their phone-contacts, they start looking for some such type of person, with whom they can share their social and literary distractions. But at this time, many distractions have been wasted in the kind of movements and maladies that are around. Then the results are something like this that the poet wants to share his distractions with Siddhartha, but the call is mistaken for the theory, on which the poet says that there is nothing, now you listen…

The World Book Fair-2019

Organized through the National Book Trust (the new name of ‘National Book Trust’) at Pragati Maidan in Delhi, concluded on Sunday. There was a significant number of youth participation and participation in this book fair held in the period from 5 to 13 January. This time 700 publishers put up around 1350 book stalls and the theme of the fair was ‘riders with special needs’. Sharjah as a ‘guest country’ was part of the fair this time.

Roundabout of Mandi House, some distance from Pragati Maidan. From where cultural routes such as Bhagwandas Road, Copernicus Road, Firozshah Road, Barakhamba Road, Tansen Marg and Safdar Hashmi Marg turn; The World Book Fair has been a place of publicity for many years. But this time, hoardings-posters of Kumbh Mela and Ayodhya festival were seen at this place, not of the World Book Fair. Whereas, apart from these hoardings-posters, the Hinduist excitement was relaxed in proportion to the years inside the World Book Fair.

At this time there are scenes of sabotage in connection with the construction work in Pragati Maidan, there is something huge being built which will probably be taken to the World Book Fair, there are such discussions and doubts. Meanwhile, it is now very clear that the National Book Trust, a magazine called ‘Book Culture’, organizes this fair not for promoting book culture, but for the huge income generated through stalls. The statements of publishers-writers and the increasing prices of books are proof of this.

However, like the year of the Book Fair this year, seen before the start of the year, there were three major departments – publication, release, photographs. The horrors of the inauguration can be gauged from the view that in the seminar hall of Hall number eight, in collaboration with the Raza Foundation, Rajkamal, Vani and more than 40 books published from the new book were not released.

Along with the publication, launch and photographs, an argument in favor of the fair is also spread that it is a chance to meet, it is a pity to say that this opportunity has been lost. This time the fair was seen and nothing was seen going beyond the hi-halo. This required exit from the fairground; Because there was no place to meet, sit and talk easily in the fair this time. A lot of struggle remained necessary for a common summit like tea.

In this way, everyone was seen getting lost in the crowd. However, a dog very familiar and kind-hearted is seen again and again in Hall No. 12A – in the center of entertainment of Melaghumani, having forgotten his original habits – confused.

In this sense, it was not their fair whose books came or whose books were discussed or whose books were announced, it was their fair who got their books of mind.

Knowing The Literature

Visiting Hindi literature here, the World Book Fair is a dreadful place. It is almost a murder. He realizes that the number of books being published in Hindi is increasing, but his age is decreasing. They live just a few days after being published, some die as soon as released. If released in the morning, they die in the evening and if it happens in the evening then in the morning.

Everything is driven by a business intelligence and the whole business is driven by intelligence. It is not only that the most prestigious publishing group is arranging the stage and printing for the most inferior poets of this era.

Sanjay Chaturvedi said:

“What was this big phase of Guturgung?

We made the pigeons great

Clever fox got the status of azim

Harraf has made clowns a great poet. ”

Abominations are now popular and easily accessible; The only place to see their queues, their limitations, their powers and ultimately their defeat is the World Book Fair, far from where a responsible poet wants to share his distractions with Siddhartha, but the call is mistaken for the theory and it It is so strange that it does not matter to anyone – neither the hearer or the hearer.


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