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On Friday, August 2, ABP News’ show Master Stroke aired without interruption. For the past few months, the frequency of the channel being disturbed at prime time has improved. Another difference was that Ankra Chitra Tripathi replaced Punya Prasun Bajpai. The news about Bajpai’s resignation came from the channel on the evening of Thursday, 1 August.

It is worth noting that on August 1, ABP News managing editor Milind Khandekar announced his resignation from the channel on Twitter. His announcement was surprising and caused a storm on the Internet. The story of the alleged role behind the resignation of an editor of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), once again in power, was in the news.

Those who were saddened or surprised by the farewell to Khandekar and Bajpai’s channels are claiming that Bajpai’s show Master Stroke had upset the current government. The resignation of the resignations of top editorial people of ABP News is being seen as the result of some programs of the channel taking a stand against the government. Especially Bajpai’s show Master Stroke and Anchor Abhisar Sharma’s political trends – both in the studio and also on social media.

Anything To Add?

We tried to talk to Milind Khandekar, Punya Prasun Bajpai and Abhisar Sharma. However, he said that he does not have anything to say or add to the matter related to ABP News. Khandekar told Newslaundry that what he had to say, he has said in his tweet, apart from this, he has nothing to say. Abhirasar and Punya also avoided speaking anything on this issue.

But in the interaction with all other journalists, eyewitnesses and technical team people inside ABP News, some shocking facts have been revealed in front of Newslaundry. These sources of ABP say that the reason for Khandekar and Bajpai’s departure from the channel is not just an incident. For months, the editorial and management had drawn swords, tension was at its peak.

A source told us, “There was a deadlock for several months and it used to come up every twentieth day. We heard that the management was under tremendous pressure from the ruling party (BJP) to change its stand.”

The member of the editorial team further said, “His stance in the video blog and studio of Abhinayar became a big issue for management. Bajpai Sir’s master stroke became another flashpoint which further aggravated the situation. For the entire ABP newsroom There was an emotional moment. When Milind Sir walked out of the institute, there was hardly anyone who did not have tears in his eyes. Almost everyone paid him respects to bid him farewell. He came out. ”

On August 1, Bajpai announced in the newsroom that he would not come to office from the next day. On August 2, the resignation of him and executive editor Nikhil Kumar Dubey became public.

A few days before Khandekar left ABP News, there was a messy dispute between editorial and management in the newsroom. On July 30, Abhisar Sharma in his show – Today’s Big News – shootout in Sultanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, in which some miscreants shot a businessman. This news ran as ‘breaking news’ in the show of convergence.

Sharma said in his show, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in Lucknow yesterday, addressing the traders. His aim was that large scale traders should come to invest in Lucknow-Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh is crime free. It is The question is bound to arise when will Uttar Pradesh be delinquent? ”

According to sources, while Sharma was reading the news, ABP News CEO Atdeb Sarkar entered the newsroom. Sarkar, who took over as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the channel on November 2016, looked extremely annoyed by the convergence of Modi’s name.

A senior ABP employee, who was present in the newsroom during the debate, told Newslaundry, “He shouted, why is Sharma taking the name of the Prime Minister in a criminal incident in Sultanpur. Tell him that he only reads what the teleprompter It is written on The government was adamant that the convergence should be taken off air immediately. Milind Khandekar tried to pacify them.

Sources further say, “After some time, the government came back from the newsroom again. He asked- Why is he (Sharma) still on air? “On this, the senior employee told that, there was a heated debate between Milind Khandekar and the government. According to the source, Milind was irritated that the government was giving him all- The bars were talking loudly and interfering in editorial work.

Sources tell us, “Khandekar sir told the government that whatever he wants to discuss, he should come to his cabin and not in front of everyone. Khandekar also said that he cannot off-air the anchor from the live show as the channel can go to black, it cannot happen without an alternate anchor. ”Then the next decision came that Abhisar Sharma got 15 from the channel Off air for days.

The conclusion of the sources is that Milind Khandekar’s resignation was due to the skirmish with Aadheeb government and the confrontation of Ahem and not under any government pressure.

Sharma, who is a vocal anchor, was the target of BGP supporters and the right wing. More than his show, Sharma’s Facebook video blog — in which he criticized the government’s policies and the saffron party — has often been attacked. Some time ago, under the pressure of the management of the channel, Abhisar stopped his video blog.

Reports Generated

The matter of management pressure is attested by the fact that Sharma closed his video blog after 29 June. When we researched his Facebook, it came to know that on 29 June he had put the BJP government of Uttarakhand and Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat in the dock in the case of the school principal. Earlier, on 22 June, he responded to every single troll and to those who were attacking him and his family.

Sharma and his family are often attacked via social media, where the target is his wife Suman Sen, who is also an IRS officer. His wife has also been targeted under the pretext of convergence. In an article written for Newslaundry in 2016, he revealed about such attacks on himself and his wife and about the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) investigation.

Come back to the events of ABP News. Even though Sharma was off-air for 15 days, but the main problem – the show master stroke coming at 9 pm daily – was still causing trouble for power.

A senior employee of ABP said that BJP’s pressure was increasing with each episode. ABP staff said, “No management can be blamed for the decision taken in the case of master stroke. The kind of pressure put on the management by the government can be of great interest to anyone.” “The conditions were created such that if Prasoon did not resign himself, the management would have removed him. The ruling party was completely against him.”


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