Bulandshahr violence: Subodh Singh’s murder script written with ink of hate

I do not know what food will be made at the house of police personnel and officers of Uttar Pradesh tomorrow. He must have balked at the picture of Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh. The ruthlessness of the job may have made the police force indifferent to life and death, but some of these breathing creatures must have beats the question of how long these crowds would challenge the police and kill the common people one day to the police Will start beating too.

Journalists are generally ruthless about the police. In our stories the police is a bad boy. But there is also a Subodh Kumar Singh in this police who was adamant on his duty in the midst of the crowd, was killed while playing the duty.

ADG Law and Order was listening to Anand Kumar. The tongue of the experienced police officer was presenting the details of the incident in a flat manner. Police does not have the right to be emotional. She is only emotional at the behest of her political mentor and runs to the common people with sticks. But Anand Kumar’s flat details exposed the face of the mob with the same ruthlessness between which Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh was killed. His fellow soldier is also seriously injured.

Anand Kumar’s anguish was seen behind the details, but at the time of the death of his subordinate, he was fulfilling his destiny to be bound by the same duty, which made him understandable gestures but did not do duty. I want Anand Kumar’s word to be presented here literally so that you can know what happened. To see if anything was happening.

Any Action To Be Taken?

“Today’s briefing is about a tragic incident that took place at Saina police station area in Bulandshahr district. It was reported at 10:30 AM this morning in the police station Siana that some cow dynasty remains are lying in the fields of village Mahu. The information was given by the former chief Ramkumar, so that Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh, the in-charge inspector of the place immediately went to the spot and inspected the spot.

He further states, “Singh, persuaded the agitated villagers there and weeded that action would be taken on this. Realizing that the police is taking action, meanwhile, the SDM and CO were also informed that they reached the spot. Meanwhile, the agitated villagers blocked the Saina-Garh road from the tractor-trolley there 10 meters before the police outpost Chingrawati by putting portions of the remains of the animal, presumably of cattle, on the tractor-trolley. After the block, whatever ballot branches were lying there, blocked the road. On this action, the inspector in-charge of the post, the in-charge, the CO, spoke to the villagers. He explained to them in the talks that every necessary action would be taken. An indictment will be filed. ”

Anand Kumar continues his statement, “At first the villagers agreed but when there was talk of opening the jam, there was anger among the excited villagers. The villagers pelted heavy stones at the outpost Chingrawati. The police tried to control the crowd. Lightly charged sticks. Tried to remove the crowd. But there were about 400 people in the crowd, of three villages – Mahav, Chingrawati, Nayawas. Villagers of these three places were gathered there. Of those vehicles parked there, around 15 vehicles were damaged, out of which 5-6 vehicles were also damaged. Three – four vehicles were set on fire. Police opened fire in view of large number of stones. There was a home guard, he also fired on air from 303. ”

Anand Kumar then returns to the original incident, “Villagers firing by Katta. In plenty. After that, there was an inspector in this firing, a big brickbat (stone) was put on his head. Head injury was done. After that I tried to take him to the hospital in the police station but the villagers came there too. Then threw huge stones. Well in some way Subodh Kumar Singh was sent to Bulandshahr. He died tragically for treatment but during treatment. ”

You read this statement completely. Guess what a crowd we have formed around us. I have spoken of a robo-republic in my book The Free Voice. This is a crowd that has been programmed with hate talk. Which is standing everywhere. It automatically comes into action due to the spark of a bit of rumor. Surrounds and kills someone. This does not make any leader accountable for violence. As before, no party or chief minister is now surrounded by allegations. Today, a mob from the same Robo-Republic killed Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh.

The post mortem report has arrived. Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh died of a bullet. Whatever video is available, watch it carefully. What age boys are throwing stones at the police Where did such a katta come from, how dare the police shoot? The mob that surrounds a police inspector and eventually kills. Who gave him so much courage in the name of a cow? Is she free from the law and order of the country, taking the name of the cow?

UP police will have to think about this incident. He will have to make an honest effort to become a policeman. Otherwise his Iqbal is over. The Iqbal of the police is left for the officers. Well, that too is not left. You will remember that in April 2017, the crowd entered the government bungalow of the then SSP Love Kumar of Saharanpur district. His family had to save lives by hiding in his own house.

Even then the UP police kept quiet. He felt it necessary to do yes sir, yes sir in front of his political boss. Is there a car in that case

Took action When the IPS officers of UP Police could not be honest with their IPS partner, then how can they expect that they will be honest in the matter of catching the killers of Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh.

Who Is The Suspect?

This is not the first incident. In March 2013, DSP Ziaul Haq of Pratapgarh was surrounded and killed by the villagers. The main accused is not even known. In June 2016, SP Mukul Dwivedi was also killed in Mathura in a similar manner. After the new government came in 2017, there was an incident of killing how many policemen. The leaders were openly engaged in making lathiyane jutiane to the Thanedars. Many videos surfaced but no action was taken, it was not even known.

How will the UP Police be able to see their own face after the death of Subodh. What would his young men be thinking after seeing the fallen corpse of Subodh Kumar Singh in WhatsApp? The poison that has been produced in four years has matured on the tongue of the leaders in elections. The crowd standing in front of us is bigger than the police.

Subodh Kumar Singh is a victim of the narrow, hate politics of India which produces poison for its own benefit. The fire of hate does not burn the neighborhood itself. She also makes her home bleak. There is no Iqbal left with the UP Police, to pay tribute to Subodh Kumar Singh. She may be ashamed if she feels ashamed. Today is not just the UP Police, it is a day for all of us to be ashamed.

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