Bihar and Rajasthan Police’s unique game, journalist jailed

On May 31, 2018, a complaint under the SC-ST Act was filed in the special SC-ST court of Patna, the capital of Bihar. According to the documents, the complainant had recorded his statement before the court on June 2, 2018. On August 16, 2018, the court issues an arrest warrant against the accused, ‘Durgesh Singh’. The warrant was passed to Manish Agarwal, SP, Yen-Ken-Type Barmer. According to Agarwal, based on this warrant, Durg Singh Rajpurohit was arrested by Barmer Rural Police Station and sent to Bihar.

It is important that Rajpurohit is a journalist from Barmer who is associated with India News-Rajasthan. Apart from this, his name is Durg Singh Rajpurohit and not Durgesh Singh. Secondly, no police team from Bihar had come to Rajasthan to arrest the accused, but the Barmer police themselves showed activeness in the case and ensured that Rajpurohit was surrendered before the SC / ST court in Patna.

Another important thing is that SP Manish Aggarwal told Newslaundry that this is ‘regular police action’. He says, “I do not remember through which arrest warrant was reached to us. He came in the name of SP of Barmer. “He further said,” The police have done their duty by ensuring the dedication of Rajpurohit in Patna. ”

Rajpurohit’s family members alleged that the SP got a warrant of arrest on WhatsApp and not through any official means. Dev Kishan, Rajpurohit’s teacher and freelance journalist, said, “SP got warrant on WhatsApp. By law, Rajpurohit should have been produced in Barmer court by law to give the transit, that was not done. Even car to go to Bihar Booked to us. ” Dev Kishan, who is present in Patna along with Rajpurohit and is assisting the family in settling their legal matters, said that Rajpurohit and three Rajasthan policemen traveled with the car booked by the family.

There are many aspects of Rajpurohit’s arrest. The date of the crime, the complainant of the case and the absence of Bihar Police etc. raise serious question marks on the circumstances under which they were arrested. This is also important because the case was registered in Bihar and not in Rajasthan.

What Were The Revelations?

Rakesh Paswan, 26, a resident of Digha Ghat in Patna, gave a statement in court that 38-year-old Durgesh Singh had attacked him and abused him racist. In his statement, Paswan said that Rajpurohit runs a variety of businesses in Rajasthan and he worked with Rajpurohit in Barmer for 6 months. The accused did not pay him a salary of Rs 72,000.

In his statement, Paswan said that when he returned to Bihar due to his father’s poor health, the accused came to Bihar thrice and pressurized him to return to work and even threatened him. Documents submitted in court show that these incidents took place on April 15, April 28 and May 7, 2018.

According to the complaint, on 7 May, the accused (Rajpurohit) and four other people forced Paswan out of his house in Digha area of ​​Patna. Rajpurohit gave racist abuses and beat him fiercely on the road itself. When the crowd started gathering, Rajpurohit and his four companions ‘Bolero ran away from the car’. It is all written in the complaint.

Rajpurohit and his family members left Barmer on August 18 along with three Rajasthan Policemen and reached Patna on Monday. He was kept at the Pirbahore police station during the transit and presented in the special SC / ST court on Tuesday i.e. August 21.

A new twist in the story came when, on 21 August, the Hindi newspaper Dainik Bhaskar published a report related to this case. Bhaskar spoke to the complainant of the case, Rakesh Paswan. Paswan told Bhaskar, “I have never filed a case. I have never been to Barmer.”

Describing the basis of the entire arrest incident as false, Paswan told Bhaskar that he did not even know any Durgesh Singh of Barmer. Paswan also states in the report that a person named Sanjay Singh, who was registered as a witness in this case, once asked him to file a case against someone, but he refused to do so. Till two months ago, Rakesh Paswan used to run Sanjay Singh’s JCB machine.

Durg Singh Rajpurohit’s father Guman Singh told Newslaundry that his son had surrendered in the SC / ST court in Patna on Tuesday. They say, “We have given bail application.” The court will resume on Thursday and then we are hoping that the bail application will be heard.

Dev Kishan, 75, a Barmer freelance journalist with Rajpurohit’s family in Patna, told Newslaundry, “The SP of Barmer called Durg on Saturday (August 18) and informed him of the arrest warrant. When Durg When asked about the due process of such legal issues, the SP said that he had been arrested – four policemen were called at the same time. According to Dev Kishan’s claim, the family booked a car in which he himself, Durg, Guman Singh, Durg’s brother Bhawani Singh Rajpurohit and three Rajasthan Police personnel left for Patna on Saturday evening.

If we trust the claim of the family, then many questions arise here, what is the process of arrest and transfer of an accused? The SP of Barmer is saying that the arrest was made from the Barmer Rural Police Station, while the family is saying that the arrest took place from the SP office.

Why did the Rajasthan police not arrange for the accused and his policemen to be sent to Patna? We asked this question to Manish Agarwal, SP, Barmer, but he refused to answer candidly. “It’s a regular system,” Agarwal told Newslaundry.

Rejecting the family’s claim, SP Aggarwal said that Rajpurohit was not arrested from the SP office, but from Barmer Rural Police Station. When we asked why the Bihar Police team could not arrest him and asked for other details, SP Aggarwal said that he has other works too.

For information about the case, Newslaundry called Kishan Singh, SHO of Barmer Rural. He said that Rajpurohit was arrested only in connection with the arrest warrant issued by the Patna court, but when asked about the details of the arrest and the team that arrested the journalist, he disconnected the phone.

Newslaundry also spoke to the SHO of two police stations in Patna-Digha, where the alleged criminal incident took place, and Pirbahor, where Durg was kept during the transit. The SHO of Digha said that no FIR was lodged against the journalist from Rajasthan in his police station.

Trial In The Court

When we asked Pirbhor SHO on what basis Rajpurohit was kept on transit remand, he got angry. He said, “It was the desire of the Rajasthan Police team where they wanted to stay overnight. Since the accused had to appear in court on Tuesday, they had to stay somewhere on Monday night also. They chose the police station. ” When the SHO of Pirbhor was asked if the journalist was kept in lockup, he disconnected the phone.

The family said that contrary to the claims made in the complaint lodged against Durg, he is a journalist and not a businessman. His brother Bhawani Singh said, “Rajpurohit in Barmer is a famous journalist and our father is a government employee. Nobody does business in our family.” According to the complaint, the fort used to employ workers for its mining business.

Durg’s father Guman Singh told Newslaundry, “Our son has never gone to Bihar, but leave Patna thing. On May 7, he was attending a literary event in Barmer. ”

This reporter went through the Facebook timeline of Durg Singh Rajpurohit and found that he was present in Barmer on the day of the alleged attack on Paswan. This is a picture of the open mic event held at Barmer Cafe on the day of attack.


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