Alwar lynching: Here police and guards drink water of same ghat

Newslaundry investigated all the circumstances related to Rakbar Khan’s death. In this, questions are raised about the role of the police at every turn. There are many such questions to which the Alwar police have no answers.

“You have a lot of questions. Once the murder investigation starts in the court, we will answer all of them to the judge and not to the journalists. It will take 20 years for this matter to end. You must have got all the answers by then, ”a teased police officer told this reporter when he was asking questions about the flaws in the police story in the case of the murder of Rakbar Khan alias Akbar Khan in Alwar.

The police officer was absolutely certain that his colleagues would not face any anger from the administration. While prima facie all the evidence and circumstances were pointing to the irresponsible antics of the police, working closely with the guards and the suspicious circumstances that led to the death of 28-year-old Khan. Also, it was clear from his statement that the ground level importance of the guidelines of the Supreme Court was equal to zero.

There is a lot of similarity between the police and the irresponsible acts committed by the police in both the cases of Pakshman Khan and Rakbar Khan. Both incidents happened in Alwar district of Rajasthan. The police completely failed to explain why it took them three hours to cover the distance of 6 km and why the accused of murder was with the police all night?

On the night of 20-21 July, Rakbar Khan and his accomplice Aslam were ambushed and apprehended by guards at Lalwandi village in Alwar district of Rajasthan. He was returning home with two cows. This village is a mixed population village in Ramgarh block of Alwar. Aslam managed to escape, and Khan was allegedly beaten mercilessly to Dharmendra Yadav’s field. However, there were no signs of blood on his body from outside. When the police reached the spot, the throng of the attackers had fled from there. Two youths Yadav, 24, and Paramjit Singh, 28, were held there holding two cows. There are many disturbing facts in the facts present at the scene which do not match the story being told by the police and raise a serious question mark on it:

Press Release:

The police said in their press release that they got information from Nawal Kishore Sharma, a resident of Ramgarh, that some cow smugglers were taking cows from Rajasthan to Haryana. When the police reached the spot, the crowd present there fled on a vehicle. Only two people, Yadav and Singh, were present there holding the cows. Rakbar was lying in the mud, and he told his whole story of how he was tortured. Khan later fainted. The police took him from there to the hospital (CHC Ramgarh), where he was declared dead.

Who is this Naval Kishore Sharma?

Sharma, aka Naval Kishore Mishra, is the head of the Vigilance Branch of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad in Ramgarh. He was alerted by Dharmendra Yadav that he had caught a cattle smuggler. Yadav and Singh are allegedly part of a cow protection group operating in the village. Sharma not only alerted the police, but also accompanied him to the village and the scene.:

According to the FIR, Sharma called the police and informed them at 12.41 in the morning. Sub Inspector Mohan Singh, along with two constables and a driver Sharma, fled to the spot. Rakbar gave his statement to the police. The police van took him to CHC Ramgarh. A constable was left behind to carry the cows. The police released the cows at the Sudhanagar Gaushala on Bagad Tiraha in Alwar. Khan was declared dead in the CHC. CHC records were viewed by Newslaundry, which shows that an unidentified dead body vehicle was brought by the police at four in the morning. Dr. Hasan Ali Khan said, “Police brought Khan at four in the morning. He was brought here in a dead state. It seemed that he had internal wounds. ”

He further added, “Mohan Singh, some constables and three people in plain clothes – Naval Kishore and two other youths brought Dharmendra and Paramjit Khan to the hospital.”

Since the CHC did not have enough doctors to meet the criteria of the Medical Board, the post-mortem was to be done at the government hospital in Alwar. The police took about three hours from the time of reaching Lalwandi to take Khan to CHC. CHC is just few meters away from Ramgarh Police Station. Lalwandi village is about six kilometers away from the police station – the same distance which was fixed for about 20 minutes after the police received the information.

The question is why did the police take three hours to take an injured person to the hospital? Where did they spend these hours? Where was Khan meanwhile and what happened during this?

Sub Inspector Mohan Singh, who was leading the police team in Lalwandi village, had no answer to these questions. He told the reporter, “I did not take care of time. How long it took, I am not in a position to talk about it but we took him [Khan] straight to the hospital. ”

He told that the police was busy in completing the formalities, and he did not stop anywhere between Lalwandi village and CHC. Despite this, it took them two and a half hours to take Khan to the hospital. Another deficiency was noticed when Singh claimed that Khan was talking on the way to the hospital. But according to the press release released by the police on 21 July

After making his statement in Lavandi village, Khan fainted and was declared dead after being brought to the CHC.

So who is lying here? The photographs taken by Sharma testify that Khan was alive, conscious, in a police jeep. When exactly did he die then? Singh was also unable to answer this question.

There are two possibilities here. Firstly, whatever happened between 1.10 and 4 pm, Khan died due to police negligence and lack of immediate medical care. The reporter has seen some police papers, which had written about the wounds on Khan’s body. His left leg was broken in two places, there were bruises in both hands, there were bruises in his palms, there were bruises on his nose, ears and his back.

Investigating officer Subhash Chand Sharma in this case – while answering questions about the incident and the accused – was shocked to ask about this delay. However, he said, “Khan was not brought to the police station.” The thing to note is that when he was asked about the CCTV cameras installed in the police station, he said, “These are not working.”

Delivery to Gaushala:

It seems the priority of the police to leave the cows to the cowshed. Khan was brought to the hospital at 4 pm but the cows were rushed to Sudha Sagar Gaushala, Bagad Tiraha in Alwar at 3.26 pm. About half an hour before Khan reached CHC.

Subhash Chand Sharma has admitted that the police had gone to leave the cowshed. Kapur Jain, the keeper of the cowshed, told him that VHP’s Sharma made two phone calls that night. “I got the first call at 3.10 am and Navalji told me that they were bringing two cows seized from the cow smugglers. I got the next call at 3.26 in which we were asked to open the door of the cowshed because those people had arrived. ”

His staff opened the door and Naval Kishore Sharma who was with the police handed over the cows in the cowshed. The record of entry into the gaushala states, “Two cows from the police station Ramgarh.” Jain said that it is his policy not to take the cows caught by the guards during raids till they are given to them by the police. Even now this question is left blank: Why did the police make handing over cows its priority?

Is the police working with cow protection groups?

The most important part of the whole story is Naval Kishore Sharma, aka Mishra. The head of the VHP Cow Conservation Wing receives a call from the guardians of Lalwandi. Sharma, a native of Lalwandi, calls Mohan Singh. Both leave the village with two constables and a driver. Dharmendra Yadav and Paramjeet Singh wait for him at the scene. Sharma of VHP says that Khan was bathed and a pair of shirts and pants were arranged by a guard. Singh and Sharma put Khan in a police van. Asked Yadav and Paramjit Singh to enter tempo career with cows. All were present when the police handed over the cows to the cowshed. Later, Yadav and Paramjeet Singh also reached CHC, this was told by Dr. Hasan Ali Khan.

This means that by at least 4 pm, the accused of killing Khan were not only roaming freely, but were also working closely with the police. Even in his last hours, when Khan was in pain and agony, the attackers were working in cahoots with the police – full of confidence and carrying out their “duties”.


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