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Are you a frequent buyer at Krogers?. If yes then Kroger has introduced a KrogerFeedback portal which offers you 50 fuel points or gift cards. All you have to do is participate in the survey at www.krogerfeedback.com.

Kroger feedback is a survey platform introduced by the world’s largest supermarket Kroger.

On successful completion of this survey, KrogerFeedback offers Gift Cards / 50 fuel points/ Gift Cards.

Kroger Feedback Survey can be a gateway for you to USD 5000 gift card or a USD 250 gift card. You may also receive 50 Kroger bonus fuel points. A fair deal, isn’t it?

The Kroger Co.

It today is the biggest supermarket in the United States. Its net revenue was estimated at USD 115.34 billion for the year 2016. Kroger today stands firm as the 5th largest retailer in the world and 3rd largest in the United States.

Kroger has earned this reputation with some great quality services and efficient customer support.

Careers at Kroger

If you are seeking a job, Kroger can be the best workplace for you. Kroger comes in with some great advantages like insurance and healthcare for its employees. Kroger always makes sure that their employees mean a lot to them and they are more than employees for the Kroger.


If you feel that your purchase at Krogers would enhance your chances of winning, then you are wrong. Every legal resident of the United States is invited to participate in this survey ( except Florida, New York, and Rhode Island). Also, keep in mind that your age should be greater than or equal to 18 years to participate in this survey.

This is all about the giant Kroger and KrogerFeedback Survey. If you want to win 50 fuel points and gift cards along with some lucrative rewards, hustle up and participate in this survey. And please be honest with your answers.